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Dive deep into the cosmos with an excerpt of this unique guided meditation series. Infused with Re Hu Tek™, a powerful energy modality, each track will bathe you in transformative and healing Cosmic & Earth energies. This album is a personal portal to understanding the unique challenges, strengths, and lessons of Gemini, illuminated through an encounter with it’s symbolic totem, The Twins.  


  1. Body Scan: For Relaxation (09:53)

  2. Gemini: The Twins (14:03)

  3. Body Scan: For Sleep (28:45)

Total Play Time: 52:41


Features two Body Scan meditations: one designed for deep relaxation to prepare you for meditation, and another to aid in achieving restful sleep. Join us on this celestial voyage, where every meditation is a step towards personal transformation and inner strength.


Written, produced and recorded by: Richard Wayne Kilgo II

Meditative Quest: Through the Zodiac (Gemini)

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