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Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing?
Space Clearing is a powerful service that can help create a more harmonious and peaceful environment within your home or business. This ancient practice of smudging, sound therapy, and channeled energies has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures around the world. It releases negative ions, which can boost your mood, clarity, and spiritual awareness, and it can reduce airborne bacterial counts by over ninety-four percent.

If you're feeling unsettled, uncomfortable, or experiencing unexplained disturbances or supernatural activities in your space, it may be time to consider a Space Clearing. It's also recommended when moving into a new home or opening a new place of business, during transitional periods in your life, after a long illness, or through the duration of a chronic one, and after a death or divorce. It can also be helpful to clear heavy energies when you're having a lot of hard luck or trouble sleeping, or when you wish to open doors to new opportunities.

How is a Space Clearing Done?

Upon arrival, Richard will tour the space with you to get an Intuitive read on the Space. Then Richard will travel throughout the space using a combination of smudging sage/palo santo, sound (singing bowl), and channeled energies (Re Hu Tek modality) are used to remove and clear any heavy energy within your living or workspace. Energetic boundaries are set and sealed for each room. Sacred geometry and sigils are energetically placed on all entry points of the home or business to filter out any unwanted energies.

What You'll Receive:
In addition to the spiritual and energetic process, you'll receive the sage bundle, palo santo and selenite crystal Richard uses during your Space Clearing and provide instruction on how to use to continue to maintain the energy of the space and hold a clear and comfortable environment moving forward.

A Space Clearing usually takes around an hour and a half for living or workspaces under 2,400 sqft (additional square footage is subject to an additional cost).

Schedule an initial consultation to discuss any concerns and learn how Space Clearing can help create a more harmonious environment for you and your family or business.

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