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My Mission Statement

"To provide Clients with high-quality Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing to Recognize, Clarify, Transform, and Heal the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual issues blocking them from being at Peace and experiencing Wholeness in their lives."

My Story

My name is Richard; I am a highly intuitive and empathic individual as well as an Adept and instructor in the energy modality Re Hu Tek. I have always had a passion for leadership, self-empowerment, healing and helping those who are struggling. Wanting to be of service and a comfort to others has always been a driving force in my life.

Upon turning18, I left the Mormon Church after being devoutly raised in the religion since birth. I struggled throughout my childhood and teens as I'd always known I was "different" because I was attracted to other boys, not girls.  The Mormon church's stance on Homosexuality struck fear in me as I believed I'd be going to Outer Darkness (Mormon version of Hell).  This caused an emotionally tumultuous upbringing internally while trying to maintain the perfect exterior. This created a deep wound of imposter syndrome in anything I did. I had decided I would dedicate my life to my Parents and never let them see "who I really was" for fear of being rejected. If I failed at something, I perceived it as a confirmation that the Church was right. When I excelled at something I couldn't truly celebrate it because I felt that if others actually really knew me, they would know I was a fraud.  I decided that in leaving the Mormon church I would do whatever was needed to purge those beliefs within myself.  Through Tarot, Astrology, and studying Eastern thought, I found comfort in tools that helped me better understand and accept myself, removing the "Heaven and Hell" beliefs from my consciousness.

When I turned 18, I excitedly bought my first Tarot Deck while working at Barnes & Noble. This marked the beginning of my journey into the world of intuition, energy work and self-help/work.  I began by doing tarot readings literally "by the book" that was included in the deck I had purchased. I used the Celtic Cross Spread and would go through the meanings book to tell the person I was reading what the tarot was saying. It was strangely accurate for every person I read for which only fascinated me more! I started studying more by pulling a card a day after shuffling and setting an intention to understand the energy of my day ahead. This practice enabled me to connect with the message of each individual card and gain insights into my daily life. I'd always find meaning and connection between my daily card pull and the events of the day.  As I grew more confident, I'd offer to read for anyone who would let me.  Now over 20 years later I still pull Tarot on a daily basis for myself and others.

In 2011, I faced a near-death experience with a bout of Viral Encephalitis. My Doctors explained I had likely been bitten by a bug introduced a virus into my spinal fluid and went to my brain. This caused me to have a high temperature (104 degrees) and essentially started to cook my brain.  Brain damage was identified towards the stem of my brain causing some physical issues including weakness on my left side.  I was hospitalized for 3 days and then sent home with some pain meds being told I would eventually start to feel better; however it took over 2 challenging years to recover before I started to really feel back in my body.  This experience strengthened my connection to Spirit and my passion for helping others to call on the Universe to assist in identifying, healing, and removing the emotional, mental, and physical blockages we face.

Through my studies I have also been attuned to the Energy modality called "Re Hu Tek" as an Adept and Instructor (more info about Re Hu Tek here). The attunement process works by aligning and opening the major and minor chakras, enabling the flow of Re Hu Tek energy to channel through the body. This modality allows those attuned to channel energy for any purpose, including clearing the energetic body or space, clearing Karma, manifestation and many other uses.

I am also proud of my extensive leadership experience as a Leader/Manager in Merchandise at Disneyland for 7 years, a Store Manager at Starbucks for almost 3 years, and an Application Support Manager for Irvine Company for over 3 years.  This experience gives me a unique way of channeling my intuition to assist professionals in corporate work environments, professionals in senior leadership positions, or anyone who has direct reports in their current position.

I am grateful for the journey that led me to where I am today, and I look forward to helping others like You navigate their own paths towards self-empowerment, healing, and awareness. See below for testimonials from my Clients as well as all of the Intuitive Services I offer.  Looking forward to connect with you!


"When I receive an intuitive Tarot reading from Richard I know I’m going to be enlightened with insights and messages from spirit.  Richard himself has a long time connection with spirit and Tarot.  It is clear he loves the art of healing in many aspects.  Not only are his readings insightful but his presence and energy is healing as well.  Definitely recommend him to be apart of your spiritual team!"

Christine M. - Tarot Reading Client

"I was overwhelmed with feeling so comforted in our session. Everything we discussed was incredibly gentle and intense at the same time. In the best way. Words are hard to describe this beautiful experience!!"

Krystal W. - Tarot Reading Client

"It was a great tarot session and Richard is so incredibly gifted. He has true intuition and I was blown away with his accuracy and insight! I would highly recommend him and will definitely use his services in the future."

Liz M. - Tarot Reading Client

“I  recommend Richard to anyone who wants a reading.  I have received a couple of readings from him which were very good and right on!  In both of these readings, Richard has helped me to overcome obstacles that I have been dealing with in my life.  These particular situations surprisingly came up during these readings.  Richard doesn't just give readings, he helps you look at life differently in ways in making better choices and living a more fulfilling life.”

Sarah N. - Tarot Reading Client

My Services

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