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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered


How Does It Work?

When doing an Intuitive Reading, Richard uses the Tarot to read your current energy.  While focusing on your energy when shuffling the Tarot he also sets an intention that your energy come through clearly, that any messages you need to hear will be provided as effectively as possible and all messages will always be for your highest good.

Does That Mean He Won't Tell Me Anything "Bad"?

Richard has seen throughout his life that everything happens for a reason; although this may sound cliche it is one of his Spiritual truths.  The Tarot is inclusive of all of life's situations and therefore there are cards that reflect challenging life circumstances.  Richard will always be truthful in what his intuition is telling him but knowing that fact, will also help you to identify why the challenging situation has occurred and what you have to gain from it.

What About The "Death" Card? Isn't That Bad?

The Death card, which can be representative of someone having passed or who may be passing on typically represents something that has occurred in your life that has changed how you perceive the world depending on where the card's placed in the reading.  A change so significant that you can no longer life your life in the way you used to.

Can You See The Future?

Although some Intuitives or Psychics may claim to see the future; Richard does not make this claim.  Moreso he utilizes the placement of the cards during a reading to give you an idea of where you are heading based on your past and present influences.  Free will is always at play.  However, he may let you know that even if you choose to change the direction you are heading in but are avoiding the overall lesson, a similar situation will likely reappear in your life in a different way.

How Long Has Richard  Been a Practicing Intuitive?

Richard has been practicing Tarot and honing his intuitive skills for over 15 years and has read hundreds of people over that time.  His Astrological Sun Sign is Cancer, the most intuitive sign of the zodiac given our emotions are our direct connection to our intuition.

What If I Don't Like What You Have To Say?

An Intuitive Reading from Richard may not be for you if you are not approaching a reading as an opportunity to get clarity on your current situation or circumstances.  Richard's first intention when reading another is always to help guide them to living in their Highest Good. This comes with the responsibility of the person being read to be willing to "do the work" to step closer to living their Highest Good every day.

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